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뮤직파운드 발매 앨범
중개 계약 앨범

구분 뮤직파운드앨범 | 중개앨범 |
중개앨범 : 페르소나(Persona)-Today
 관리자  | 2017·12·18 17:42 | HIT : 31 | VOTE : 9


Produced by persona

Cover design by persona


Track 01 오늘도 (부제 : 지금도 예쁜 너에게)


Lyrics by persona

Composed by persona

Arranged by persona

Mix & Mastering by 김을,김규석

vocal by HEX

Chorus by HEX

Keyboard by 김태건

E.P by Anna Lee

M.V production CNE

M.V Director 김한국

Director of Photography 한경석

Producer 임동익


Track 02 내 주는 예수 (Acoustic ver.)


Produced by 변진리, persona

Lyrics by 변진리

Composed by 변진리

Arranged by 변진리, persona

Mix & Mastering by 김을

vocal by 변진리

Keyboard by 김원년

violin by 김소현

flut by 김자연

M.V Director 이하림

Director of Photography 이하림

Producer 이하림

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